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a95: RE: a80: Why go to Haiti? (fwd)

From: "F. A. Medard" <amah@gwu.edu>

>> Why go to Haiti at all?
>Because it is full of innocent starving people who are victims of the
>political struggles just like other Third World countries.

Sorry guys, but that's not a reason to go anywhere. Honestly, is that all you 
can come up with? It's like someone saying, "oh, let's go to Compton, 
CA...it's full of innocent starving people who are victims of the political 
struggles just like other suppressed urban enclave". Right...and that's 
supposed to be enticing?

No, there are many reasons to go to Haiti - the biggest one being hope. Yes, 
you read correctly - no need to clean those bifocals - "hope". I grew up in 
and have commuted to and from Haiti throughout my 22 years on this planet and 
aside from the given (history, culture, panorama, and genuinely amazing 
people), the country is subconsciously full of hope - though its people 
consciously are not (which is where the problem lies). You're probably 
thinking I'm full of something myself right now but I don't think so. We don't 
have a busstling economy, we don't have 5 star hotels and restaurants, hell - 
we don't even have drivable roads or potable water, but it's a salt of the 
earth kind of place with worlds of possibilities. Greed, PRIDE, LAZINESS, and 
a lack of communication and pulling together are what stand in our way. Those 
of us courageous enough and selfless enough go back but end up dead, mute, or 
corrupt. The rest of us stay here....Now tell me, how is Compton, CA EVER 
going to get better without its most powerful products, Venus and Serena 
Williams, returning there and investing in there birthplace? Same goes for us. 
Let's not take the easy way out of everything and continue sidestepping the 
issues and being "metdam". W-E are responsible for our own destinies. When we 
see a spade, call it, FIX IT.

-Francois Amah Medard-

P.S. Happy Holidays to you all.