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a98: Reprisal against Convergence (Saint-Vil responds to Allen) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>
Subject: Reprisal against Convergence (Saint-Vil responds to Allen)


My apologies if this response is not as short and sweet as I would have 

Joe Allen Wrote:

     «Kathy and Jean essentially have the same position, if my take is
correct:  The criminal attacks against the convergence and other politicians 
in the opposition are not only understandable, they are legitimate and are 
the proper response to the threat posed by the coup agaisnt Aristide and a 
dignified way of eliminating all"enemies" of the Lavalas movement.».

Joe, if as you claim, you are born and raised in Haiti, I concede that you 
are as Haitian as any other Haitian. But, this does not at all authorise you 
to express my thoughts on my behalf. I believe, I can try to do that on my 
own dear brother.

If you bothered to ask instead of autocratically fabricating an opinion for 
me about the popular reaction to the events of December 17, I would have 
told you that the attacks against the IRI-sponsored convergence parties were 
unfortunate and deplorable. The legitimate government of Haiti, should have 
deployed all possible efforts to avoid or limit the damages caused by the 
angry anti-coup crowds.  1) because the members of these political groupings 
are fellow Haitians whose lives are as precious as that of any other human 
being, therefore deserving of protection  2) because it is the 
responsibility of the Haitian state to protect every citizen 3) because the 
violence that followed plays into the hands of the enemies of Haiti who feed 
on the «unruly mob» image to advance their White Supremacist agenda.

By the way, let me point out that the most simple Haitians in the streets 
know quite well that the true enemies of the Lavalas movement are not the 
Convergence itself but their neo-colonial sponsors in Washignton and in 
Europe. So the «auto-coup to eliminate enemies» theory only holds water for 
those who are pretending not to see the real forces at play here.

Joe Allen wrote:

«So far, I am leaning towards believing that some elements of the Lavalas if 
not Aristide himself are behind this affair»

You are free to speculate as wildly as you wish to do so. But the facts are 
starting to emerge. Then, you can either backtrack or persist in your 
belief. It's your ting!

Joe Allen wrote:

« A question for the two of you; how do you connect the current events
(coup attempt) with the members of Convergence?»

I had not connected the events to the Convergence, although I know that some 
of the rebel forces in Haiti, including the Convergence itself, had several 
times in the past openly called for the iuprooting of this elected 
government. In fact, only 3 days before the attempted coup, Jean-Auguste 
Mezyieux gave specific warnings /threats concerning the overthrow of the 
popular Haitian government - «with the use of arms heavier than UZIs». So 
far, it seems the Haitian government has not taken its responsibility at 
heart to arrest M. Mezyieux and  interrogate him about the December 17th 
events. But I hope they will do so, as soon as possible.

Having said that, I have no idea if M. Mezyieux is a member of the 
Convergence. But, on Saturday morning, here in Ottawa, I heard several 
members of the Convergence (Sauveur Pierre-Étienne and others) discuss on a 
radio show «their» projected plan to establish an interim government, once 
Aristide is deposed. These gentlemen were specifying on radio, that each 
party within the Convergence had its own political plan to be implemented 
after it takes over. But, in the interim, Gérard Gourges is agreed among 
them to be the perfect, neutral intellectual that will lead the soon to be 
established provisional government.    Less than 48 hours after this radio 
show, there was an attack on the National Palace in Port-au-Prince. It could 
be just a simple coincidence. Afterall, I heard also that twice this 
week-end (Saturday and Sunday before the coup) Air Canada cancelled their 
flights to Haiti. Obviously, one should not jump to conclusions but...these 
are the kinds of things that makes one go mmmmh!

Allen Wrote:

«This is a small group without parlementary representation, that has no 
official function, has little support among the people, but with enough PR 
skills to portray Aristide as an autocratic politician and managed to expose 
him, convincing the big powers (his bosses) that he is not to be trusted.  
How can they be undemocratic?»

Exactly !!! The Convergence is not an official opposition. In fact, it is 
not even a legitimate opposition.  The closest analogy would be a group of 
bitter democrats in Florida who would contest the results of the U.S. 
elections, chose Rev. Al Sharpton to be their «parallel president» and 
accept money from foreign embassies to wage battle against G.W. Bush - 
vowing not to rest until he is overthrown. Indeed, the Haitian government is 
at fault for accepting to negociate its popular mandate with renegades and 
their foreign sponsors. Of course, we all know why the government feels it 
has no choice. But, it actually does have a choice, if it decides to do the 
civilized thing. I.e. let the Haitian people have the final word in this 
dispute. Conduct a referandum where the HAITIAN people decide how extensive 
the next elections should be (second round for the 7 senatorial posts or, as 
the international mafia changed its mind to demand: complete annulation of 
the May 21, 2000 elections?). Or, alternatively, say to hell with all the 
hypocrits and their hired rebels, make sure to control the Dominican border 
and call on Haiti's true friends to help organise a second round for the 7 
senate seats. If I were Jean Bertrand Aristide, I would chose the first 
option because it is highly important that the Haitian people take the 
upperhand in this foolishness. If not, White Supremacy International will 
continue to use the OAS to waste time with ever shifting negociation items. 
>From 7 seats to 10, to 7 seats + x numbers of deputies and on and on until 
2004 arrives, then 2006.

M. Allen wrote:
«The people of Haiti will at some point realize that they have placed their 
trust in someone who is  performing poorly and in the final analysis appeals 
to their worst instincts».

All the people of Haiti have been strugling for is to be left alone to reach 
its own decision. The enemies of Haiti, can keep their tax payers money at 
home but, it is unacceptable that they are on one hand starving the Haitian 
government (illegal blockage of IDB loans etc...) and on the other hand, 
financing civil war through IRI or other channels. Some of us are not 
interested in waiting 30 years before we find out, like we did for Patrice 
Lumumba, how the demise of JBA was planned and executed.  Brother Bob 
Marley's lyrics must for once be heard and used to prevent - not to 
understand the bloody assassination of one more popular black leader.

«How long shall we stand and watch ... ?»

«Depi nan Ginen bon nèg ap ede nèg!»

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