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a100: Re: a90: Dorce to J.Allen (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 12/21/2001 12:27:33 AM Pacific Standard Time, Joe Allen 
<jaallen1@bellsouth.net> writes:

<<  Kathy and Jean essentially have the same position, if my take is
 correct:  The criminal attacks against the convergence and other politicians
 in the opposition are not only understandable, they are legitimate and are
 the proper response to the threat posed by the coup agaisnt Aristide and a
 dignified way of eliminating all"enemies" of the Lavalas movement. >>


With regard for my position, as I cannot speak for Jean,  your take is NOT 
correct.  You have made it extreme and taken it way further than anything I 
posted.  (Much like you do with anything Lavalas does) I do not support 
violence from anyone.  What I object to is how one sided the objection is 
when it is against the minority class Haitian instead of against the much 
-beleaguered majority class Haitian.  You get mob violence when there is no 
balance and no justice.  Your solution to this is to beat down the people.  
(more violence)  My solution is to change the system and stop the cycle of 
violence.  If you would stop attacking Aristide and let him govern through 
his term, you might be surprised how little mob violence you would see.  They 
will not let another coup happen......they feel powerless because the 
INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY seems to have disregarded them and sides with those 
who would take everything they have worked for away from them.  They have 
done everything asked of them and STILL it is not good enough.  They are 
getting the message that they remain Haiti's forgotten citizens......the ones 
who don't count.  Even though there are millions of them.   They are doing 
what they must.....I do not like violence but I know that they feel that 
there is little else left to them.  Who is listening to them?  If you do not 
want violence from them, why not try supporting DEMOCRACY?  If I have to 
accept Bush, you have to accept Aristide.  Simple isn't it?
<< So far, I am leaning towards believing that some elements of the Lavalas
if not Aristide himself are behind this affair;>>
You are leaning so far over it looks like you are lying down.....
<<A question for the two of you; how do you connect the current events
(coup attempt) with the members of Convergence?  >>
Guess what Joe?  I don't!  I don't have that information and I think it is 
pointless and downright dangerous to keep speculating on what MAY have 
happened.  I would be on RED ALERT if I was involved in Haiti's present 
government, and I'm sure they are.  But I would not pretend to know who did 
what to whom.  And it is folly for anyone else to say what probably happened 
until facts are known......I just read a post about Former Sgt. Pierre 
Richardson, who was shot in the leg and arrested as having participated in 
the coup.  He seems to be offering information that is relevant to the case.  
I am willing to wait to find out what happened......although in covert 
operations, sometimes we never really know, do we...
<<The convergence so far has not attacked anyone, stolen from anyone or
intimidated anyone.>>
Pardon me while I laugh.............puh-lease.  You cannot possibly know the 
truth of what you say there.  You are speculating again.  
<<It is my opinion that the Aristide Government may come out of this
crisis scaring the opposition "to death", but it has once again commited a
blunder.  It lost credibility that was already in short supply.  The net
sesult is that the opposition will be able to portray Aristide, with reason,
as autocratic with solid anarchic tendencies.  The people of Haiti will at
some point realize that they have placed their trust in someone who is
performing poorly and in the final analysis appeals to their worst
I believe it is the convergence who is losing credibility but I guess events 
are seen through our personal prisms and though we look at the same thing, we 
see it completely differently.  Suffice to say that that, Dr. Allen, is where 
you and I stand.  

Kathy Dorce~