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a102: reply to an opposition activist (fwd)

From: Paul Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

The following is a reply to a well known opposition activist now living abroad. Please read the original message he sent me at the bottom of this message as well. I erased his email because he wrote me directly and did not engage in a public dialogue with me. However, I am posting the content of this message for other list members.

Paul Louissaint wrote:

<<Dear Sir:

I happen to be neither Lavalas, nor pro-makoutes. I just would like to see  a better Haiti. I have lived enough time outside of Haiti to have acquire freedom of thought and cannot be a "fanatic" of any "haitian leader". I will judge any candidate on how he plans to get haiti out of the hole not on how well he speaks, how ugly he is or how thick his lips are...

I have no special interest in Aristide: he does not pay my bills and I do not like the fact that he does not condemn publically the violent activities done in his name by the mob.

However, I still think that he is the most popular leader in Haiti and will win any public election whether you (or I) like it or not. He represents the aspiration of 90% of Haiti, those who are poor, desperate and illiterate. He speaks their language and originally came from that social group.

If you want his seat, you can just let him finish his second term than try to win the next elections. Haiti may not be 100% ready for democracy, but we have to start somewhere. We will not get there by doing disinformation or propaganda. If we all love Haiti, we must work together to BUILD. Let us see HAITI FIRST and work to sert the foundations of a real nation. Haiti needs a constructive opposition who will point out to those in power the their weaknesses by writing vibrant articles in the newspapers...

Only Haiti will lose from that chaotic situation created by both parties. Aristide is fine in Tabarre with his family: he has 3 meals a day and the mulatto wife of his dreams. The senators are getting richer and richer: maybe they should be investigated by financial authorities in Haiti and give more explanation on how they can acquire expensive houses or cars.

If you do not like what is going on and cannot do anything about it peacefully, just leave Haiti and forget about Haiti. If you do not have a US visa, try the boat - "nagé pou soti..." like René Préval said

Paul Louissaint 

-----Original Message-----

> Dear sir,
> I have been reading your message. All I can say is that it is too late to go back to principles of democracy and rules of the democratic game.We will need democrats in power.It does not exist.So many crimes have been committed by both camps.Aristide is not a democrat and a man of dialogue.Medically speaking, he is really sick.To save Haiti today, Aristide has to step down.But we know that he will never do it. So there is no solution , any form of democratic opposition will be destroyed and killings and political violence will continue. Haiti will become Somalia.
> My best regards.