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a113: Haitian Journalist (fwd)

From: R obert Smith <lakay200@yahoo.com>

While I am sad about the violence agains journalist in
Haiti, one cannot also ignorethe fact that some of the
"attacked" journalists are opportunists that are
taking full advantage of the chaos to get out of the
country legal.  For some of them it is a perfect
opportunity.  I personally know two of them who
managed to get out, using the "violence" situation as
an excuse, and later find themselves a foreign women
"crazy" about Haiti or voodoo to marry them.

Let's be clear about the situation and stop claiming
that ALL journalists in Haiti deserves to be respected
under the banner of "freedom of speech."  Some of
themwho work for private radio stations have been
accused of taking money from the elite to spread
propagandas on their talk shows.  No, I don't have any
proof, but it's not something that I think is
impossible, given the culture of "ti chool" in Haiti
and the cultutre of ti tet gran having bourgeois

If we are going to be honest about the siituation, we
must admit that journalists in Haiti have never
enjoyed such freedom of speech in Haitian history.  We
know very well that under Papa Doc, those who are
claiming that they are being persecuted, would have
already disappear, and every body would just shut
their mouths.

I would love to see  a day where the resistance
movement in Haiti takes a non-violent approach,
however, the people are too broken, and healing will
be a very slow process.  Let's be real.

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