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a115: Voodoo 101: Anyone interested in helping this person?

From: Pascal Antoine <pascal.antoine@verizon.net>

I run a site called HaitiXchange (http://www.HaitiXchange.com) and was
wondering if I could get a volunteer to write a brief,  no-nonsense
introduction to Voodoo and what it is all about. Hollywood has so
tainted Voodoo, that most Americans have absolutely no idea what it is
about, how it came to be, and think that Haitians are wicked for
practicing it. I would like to show people how it is the result of
different cultures coming together and that it is a legitimate religion.
Not knowing much about it myself, I was wondering if an expert would be
willing to lend a hand.

An original purpose of HaitiXchange was to instill a sense of pride in
younger members of the Haitian Diaspora. I wanted to show them that they
have a culture that they should be proud of. I started the site after
rediscovering Haiti myself and realizing how many of my friends of
Haitian descent were ashamed of their ancestry and thought it was
worthless. After visiting and falling in love with the country, I've
decided to spend my spare time trying to clear up misconceptions about
my beloved country. As it turns out, a large portion of the site
visitors are also non-Haitians looking for basic information.

I ask that anyone interested in helping me out with this (or any other
interesting ideas)to please contact me at the address below.

Thanks in advance.

Pascal Antoine <pascal@haitixchange.com>
Peyi Nou Pap Tonbe!