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a118: New book by Wade Davis has chapter on Haiti and lots of photos

From: Daviswade@aol.com

Dear Bob: Just a note to let you know that I have a new book coming out 
"Light at the Edge of the World", published in Canada by Douglas & McIntyre, 
in the UK by Bloomsbury, and in the US by National Geographic Books. It's a 
collection of photographs, including a number from Haiti, with a longish text 
of some 55,000 words, again with a section on Haiti. best wishes, Wade Davis


I returned a note asking for more details:  he writes:

There is a chapter on Haiti in the new book, together with some strong 
photographs. "Light at the Edge of the World" covers all of my work over
years, from the Amazon and Andes, to the Arctic, Borneo, East Africa, and 
Tibet. It might be of interest to some on your list, in that it places the 
Haiti experience in a broader context. The book is, in essence, a
of the wondrous diversity and character of the ethnosphere, a notion
best defined as the sum total of all thoughts, beliefs, myths and
made manifest today by the myriad cultures of the world. The photographs, 
including those shot in Haiti, have a certain intimacy that may reveal to 
those on your list something of the manner in which I've tried over the
to approach the challenge of moving between worlds, which is something we
do in our travels. Hope you enjoy it. best wishes for the holidays, Wade