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169: Corbett's doing some house cleaning

Folks, it's a cold dark Vienna day, I have only
6 days left before returning to the U.S.

I haven't much wanted to go out today, so I've been
going through my gigantic stack of files to get loaded
up to my web site.

I would call you attention to one gem I found.  Back in 
1997 Michel-Rolph Trouillot made a remark in one list post
that it was outrageous that Dewitt Peters is so often
credited with "discovering" Haiti art.  In the next
few days a quite interesting discussion took place.  I
had most of the contributions to that discussion and posted
them to a single file.  It's fascinating if the topic
interests you and it may be found at:


I also managed to post three book review which Robert
Lawless had contributed and a few other new things
to my web site and if the cold dark weather persists
more may be forthcoming.

Bob Corbett