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a172: Re: a168: Alleged Haiti coup leader behind bars in Dominican Republic (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (December 28, 2001 09:51
 p.m. EST) - A former Haitian police chief accused of planning
 a failed Dec. 17 coup in his homeland has been detained in
 the Dominican Republic, authorities said Friday.>>

 <<Guy Philippe arrived in Ecuador a day after the coup attempt.
 Haiti asked Ecuador to extradite him, but authorities decided
 to send him back to the Dominican Republic, where he slipped
 into the country.>>

You see?  That guy doesn't respect *anyone's* government, he
goes to the DR whether they want him or not.
 <<Dominican President Hipolito Mejia told a press conference
 Friday that Philippe had been detained, but would not say
 where or when the Haitian was found. Philippe was now under
 house arrest in an undisclosed location.>>

House arrest????  Why don't they put him in prison like they
would any other lawbreaker?  That guy has done so much crime,
if he were in the USA and he was convicted he would be lucky
if the state in which he was tried didn't have the death penalty.
Look at the case of John Walker - he probably committed 
treason, and the penalty for treason is death.  Guy Philippe
certainly committed treason, and he is comfortably kept in
a house?
 <<The Dominican Foreign Ministry has said it is searching for
 a country that will accept Philippe, but will not hand him
 over to Haiti.>>

How would Dominican President Hipolito Mejia feel if  a bunch of
armed men stormed *his* palace and tried to overthrow *his*
government, and then they were kept in a house, not a prison,
in Haiti, and Haiti refused to hand them over?
 <<In the attempted coup, at least 23 heavily armed men stormed
 Haiti's National Palace. An alleged attacker, wounded in
 the raid, said Philippe had attended a meeting in the Dominican
 Republic where he said the coup was planned.
 Philippe has denied involvement.>>

He's Haitian!  What do they expect him to do, strike a pose
and say, "Yes, I did it"?
<< The Dominican Republic and Haiti share the Caribbean island
 of Hispaniola but do not have an extradition treaty and have
 a history of strained relations. The Dominican Republic has
 often refused to hand over those suspected of political crimes
 in Haiti. >>

I bet that will change if this nonsense keeps up.  How many
millionaire dictators and drug-running Colonels and right-wing
murderers can they absorb, even temporarily?

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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