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a174: Re: a166: Fw: Journalists (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

<< In response to those who write email about haitian journalists that have
 asked political asylum in the United States, I think it is quite normal that
 they save their life by asking political asylum.>>

That's not what you said about the people seeking to save their lives under 
the Cedras regime, then you and others characterized them as "economic 


Sooo... when they are on your side, they are good, objective journalists 
being unfairly persecuted, and when they are on the other side they are 
slanderers and blackmailers, huh?

And suppose that was true?  That means the job of the Haitian Army is to 
riddle the radio station where he worked with bullets and murder him 
outright?  Nah.  If anyone is slandering people it is you.

<<Few days after the rebellion of the army that turned into a coup d' etat, "
 a l' haitienne", Jackie Caraibe was found dead with his mouth broken  by a
 firearm. >>

So they broke his teeth!  What difference does that make, are you trying to 
say he killed himself?  Did the radio station spray itself with automatic 
weapons fire too?

<<To be honest, one cannot say it was the army because Jackie Caraibe
 had a lot of enemies in all sectors of the haitian society, because of his
 crooked behavior. One cannot say neither  it was the Fraph because the Fraph
 did not exist at that time and was formed many months later.>>

Oh, please.  The people who later formed the terrorist group FRAPH in 1994 
did not materialize out of thin air at that time, they were on the scene and 
they were murdering pro-democracy activists long before that.  

I lived in Pacot, very near the radio station, and I SAW, with MY OWN EYES, 
truckloads of men in Army uniform go there.  Then the shooting started.  You 
want to say they just drove away, and then some invisible men from another 
planet came and they were the real shooters?

This is the kind of thing that drives me nuts!  The average Haitian doesn't 
have internet access, doesn't speak English, and is too afraid of reprisals 
to post what they saw to the Internet anyhow.  This makes it easy for an 
English-speaking right winger like Nadal to post anything he likes, without 
too many people who will stand up and call a spade a spade and a lie a lie.

<< Today, the enemy of the free haitian press is the fanatism and the 
intolerance of the Lavalas supporters that do not believe in Democracy>>

The Lavalas movement has never overthrown a Haitian administration.  Aristide 
stepped down when his mandate ended, and Preval was elected.  Preval stepped 
down when his mandate ended, and Aristide was elected.

It's the Convergence that is attempting coups and screaming for the overthrow 
of constitutional government, NOT Lavalas.

In fact, you yourself personally have no respect for constitutional 
government, not in our own country and not in other people's countries!

You don't remember me?  You gave me a ride home from work one day, and we 
were talking about the upcoming election.  I predicted a victory for Clinton, 
you insisted that I was "deluded".  "Oh, my dear,", you patronized, "you are 
so naive!  It -- has -- already -- been -- decided!"

I asserted that since I had not yet voted, I didn't think anything had been 
decided.  Your response was that the President of the United States is not 
elected by American citizens voting their choice, but by powerful men in 
private meetings!  And you thought that was precisely as it should be.

Peace and love,

Bon Mambo Racine Sans Bout Sa Te La Daginen

"Se bon ki ra" - Good is rare
     Haitian Proverb

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