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a181: Durban uses misleading title (Saint-Vil replies) (fwd)

From: Jean Saint-Vil <jafrikayiti@hotmail.com>

Dear M. Durban,

1) I sent the complete Feb 2, 2001 Washington Post article and invited the 
reader to look at it - so if my intention was to mislead, I could have done 

2) The people on this list are neither the Forrest Gump or Bubba types. I 
trust they can read the article and decide for themselves whether there is 
cause for concern when, as clearly indicated in the article, fugitive coup 
plotters receive help from the U.S. embassy. This is the point - and I 
suspect you and everyone else understood quite well what the real issue is 

3) The fact that Mr. Steinberg has shared information with the Preval-Alexis 
government does not garantee innocence. And I suspect you and everyone else 
realise that also. I have no way of knowing what kind of monkey business was 
going on between all or some of the players involved. But what is clearly 
stated in the article, is the fact that YOUR government's embassy helped the 
fugitives flee from the law. That is not consistent with TRUE FRIENDSHIP 
between the supposedly two oldest democracies of this hemisphere (to 
paraphrase U.S. Congressman Hilliard).

I am sorry, if as a lowly «pitit pèp» I dare question the actions and 
motives of the gods of Athenian democracy. Those it suits can simply pretend 
the Washington Post never published that article or better yet, they can 
simply white out all the parts which make them a little uncomfortale.

M. Durban, let's make a deal:

You ask your government to stop financing the conspiracies...we'll ask ours 
to stop fueling the theories.


«...and the Haitian artist sang: G$d la bless Amerikkka, tout ti peyi yo gen 
blese..M pa ka riiii»

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