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a189: Durban response to Saint Vil (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

In responding to me, Jean Saint Vil writes: 

   1) I sent the complete Feb 2, 2001 Washington Post article
      and invited the reader to look at it - so if my intention
      was to mislead, I could have done otherwise.

I won't comment on your INTENTION, Jean, but to me the RESULT
(which I objected to) was using an old Washington Post article
to prove a point that a careful reading of that article simply
did not support.  I do thank you for at least copying the entire
article so readers could judge it for themselves.

You conclude by saying:

     M. Durban, let's make a deal:
           You ask your government to stop financing the
     conspiracies...we'll ask ours to stop fueling the

Hmmm!  This could probably be misinterpreted by someone reading
out of context, so let me state for the record that I have no
problem accepting your deal.  In fact, I personally feel that
wishy washy Bill Clinton missed two big opportunities in his 8
years in power:
   1.  Closing down the CIA, which does far more harm to U.S.
          interests abroad than good and 
   2.  Opening up relations with Cuba, which was ultimately
          rendered politically impossible by Castro's
          public performance in the Elian Gonzalas story. 
As but a single U.S. voter, my views don't carry much weight, so
I suppose conspiracy theorists won't have to stop their
theorizing!  Likewise, I suspect you would have some difficulty
asking yours to "stop fueling the theories".  But hey, let's
both keep trying!  

Lance Durban

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