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a195: Re: cohoba use by the Taino (fwd)

From: cr05@gre.ac.uk

Re: Research on the use of Cohoba by the Tiano

Professor Nigel South (Essex University, England) and myself are 
editing a new book provisionally titled `The place of drugs in global 
everyday life'.  It is a book that will look at the ways that drugs are 
used/integrated in societies around the world 
demonstrating/illustrating variegated economic, cultural, traditional 
or ritual uses.  We are looking for someone to contribute a chapter 
on Cohoba use by the Tianout but to date have found it difficult to 
locate someone with research experience in this area.  We are hoping 
that someone on this list will either be able to write such a chapter or 
know of an individual who could.  The types of issues we would like 
covered are as follows:

1. How long been used and in what context e.g. as part of 
religious ceremonies or as part and parcel of everyday life.  To 
what extent has/does this use continue 

2. What meaning does the drug use have for the group in 
question.  Is  it an `ordinary’(everyday, common) practice or is it 
imbued with  special qualities of some kind (only shamans can 
use it at certain  times) – or even both (Rastafarianism) 

3. What is/are the aim/s of using the drug/s  

4. What problems (as understood by the users), if any, present 
from  use of the drug and how are these problems perceived and 
dealt with by the users 

5. How has use changed e.g. as use has altered from traditional 
role  have more problems emerged or are `problems’ seen as 
being at the  door of others e.g. International Community.  Is 
pressure to stop use of the respective drug being applied by 
others (local, national or international?) 

6. Does use enhance cohesion and integration or is it divisive 
and problematic for the culture in question

Chapters would be around 8,000-9,000 words.

Many thanks,

Dr Ross Coomber
Principal Lecturer in Sociology
School of Social Sciences
University of Greenwich
London SE9 2UG

Phone: +44(0)208-331-8928
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