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a203: Happy New Year to Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

 My friends, we have one more celebration then come
the big day, January 1, 2004. Our country is in bad
shape, talking only will not do any good, but if you
get together we can move forward.

I wish the Lavalas and the Convergence can find a way
to settle their eternal dispute; I would like to see
some stability in the country; Lavalas has to
understand it cannot govern the country alone, power
must be shared. Everybody knows these two groups
cannot stand each other but they have to live under
the same roof; therefore, they should find a way to
accept each other. 
Let see when you attend college, the housing office
may assign you a roommate you cannot “stand” and you
are trying to change room if available but in the
meantime you are not going to leave the door unlock,
you have some responsibilities my friends. You cannot
stand each other but you have to respect each other
and the rights of your unwelcome roommate.

Here’s my suggestions: start new; give others the
benefit of the doubt, give others a second chance; the
former mayor of NY is an example; respect each other;
respect other  folks profession; know what you can do
(please don’t be Mr./Ms. Know it all)  

Listen my friends, you can spend all your times
complaining, blaming others but if you don’t start
doing something to remove yourselves in that mess, you
will remain there for years to come. 

These are known facts: The country needs outside
assistance; No financial assistance will be released
until a political agreement or compromise is reached
and implemented.
1)A new CEP that must be independent, must be
completely new, not a single member of the previous
CEP shall take part.
2) Redo the election for to complete the Senate; if it
is necessary to reduce the term of any elected
official, it should across the board (I mean this
should include the presidency as well) there should be
no delay the level of trust is too low, it should be
3) Creation of a new coalition Government that shall
be led by someone who can establish a bridge between
the mass and the upper class and respected by the
international community. Since Mr. Bazin is already in
that Government give him that chance; Mr. Cherestal
should be out already and he should never been
appointed, he is the cousin of the President, the
Presidency is not a family business.
4) Reform in the PNH, this institution is too involved
in politic 

Happy New Year to Haiti

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