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a207: The burning of the CRESFED library

From: NLaleau@aol.com

In regard to the burning of the CRESFED library, I ask myself,
benefits? Who suffers?" and I recount this family story. "...when Leon
was Minister of Education under Magloire, he outlined this great plan on
to bring better French books in, and how to recruit new teachers and 
volunteers. He wrote a new curriculum for primary schools... Well, he 
presented the program, and the cabinet was quite impressed with it. After
meeting, President Magloire (who died last year), called him aside and
'Laleau you are a dreamer; I put you here for your name and not your
I will not approve this plan because I don't want "these" people to get 
ahead; they'll throw me out.' Laleau returned to his office and resigned.  
1954." --Nancy Laleau