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a219: Re: Toussaint's body (fwd)

From: Gilles Hudicourt <hudic@videotron.ca>

Some years ago, I can't really recall when, end of Duvalier or most probably
during the CNG years, some attempt was made by the French to locate and
return Toussaint's body.  It seems however that Toussaint had been dumped in
an unmarked grave near the Fort du Joux and that its exact location was
unknown.  What was finally done was that a scoop of soil from the Fort du
Joux area had been collected and sent to Haiti as the symbolic remains of
Toussaint and these had been ceremoniously returned to Haiti and officially
returned to the Haitian government.  I'm just writing this from memory and
might be mistaking on some counts.
The graves of Toussaint's wife and children in France still exits and I have
talked to some people who have seen them.

Gilles Hudicourt