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a216: RE: a215: Toussaint's body (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

Do you know this story?
Toussaint was buried in France in the Fort where he was jailed.  Several 
years ago, after the Baby Doc administration had built the Musee du 
Patrimoine National on the Champs de Mars, the French government found it 
appropriate to return Toussaint's remains to Haiti, to be placed in this 
Museum.  A box of soil and bones from his burial place was solemnly returned 
to the government of Haiti.  A few months later a US Coast Guard cutter 
spotted a rickety Haitian sailboat approaching the coast of Florida.   They 
approached the boat with the firm intention of returning the passengers to 
their homeland.  They were surprised to find that the boat contained only a 
box with some soil and bones.  It was Toussaint, he decided that Haiti was no 
longer the place where he wanted to live free.  Peyi a pa bon.  Tousen pran