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a232: a211 Haiti - Consular Information sheet 4th Jan. 2002 (fwd)

From: jacqualine labrom <ljacqui@haitiworld.com>

I have just read the Consular Information sheet and find it just incredible.

As many of you know, I am a Tour Guide here in Haiti. At the moment I have
got two groups of 6 people in from England and France, and have just had two
other lots of tourists in - one from Texas and one from New York.
The couple from Texas wrote among other things: 'We've come away (from
Haiti) not only rested but having wonderful memories of our Haitian Holiday.
Please know that we are already talking to everyone about how wonderful and
beautiful Haiti and you are.  ...In the next several weeks, I do plan to
write a letter to the travel editor of the New York Times extolling the
attractings of travelling in Haiti...'

One of the groups of 6 went to Jacmel, and are coming back from Ile de la
Tortue today having visited the wonderful beach of Pointe Ouest. One of the
group fell off her horse going to Bassins Bleu and was in considerable pain.
WE arranged a doctor for her who came within 10 minutes and she had an Xray
and he gave her painkillers. Upon knowing that she was going to Cap Haitian
after the Ile de la Tortue trip, he told her if she was still in a lot of
pain, to call him and he would arrange for a colleague of his in Cap H to
see her. She described his services as wonderful.

One of my potential tourists who described himself as a traveller, rather
than a tourist, was warned away from Haiti by both the British Vice Consul
here and the British Embassy in the DR. He finally took their advice and
didn't come. He sent me a copy of the FCO (the British equivalent to the
State Dept.) statement on El Salvador and in it it said that there are
murders, hijackings, kidnappings, rampant crime, etc. don't carry cash,
don't wear jewellery, the buses are often attacked etc. and YET they didn't
say DON"T GO - as they had for Haiti.

During the Christmas/New Year celebrations the people are only concerned
with having a good time.

Although the tourism facilities may be 'rudimentary at best in most other
Haitian cities' (apart from Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Cap Haitian) this is
exactly the kind of experience that most tourists want. They like the
thought that they are not surrounded by masses of tourists and they
appreciate the charm of the simpler hotel facilities.

Its impossible to say more without getting really angry at foreign
governments who may have other 'agendas' in mind.

Happy Holidays to all on the List.

Jacqualine Labrom


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