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a248: Re: a244Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets-Dorce(fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 01/06/2002 7:14:57 AM Pacific Standard Time:

<<  Embassy employees are prohibited from entering Cite Soleil and
 La Saline and their surrounding environs, and are strongly urged to avoid
 Delmas 105 between Delmas 95 and Rue Jacob. Under no circumstances should
 one attempt to photograph in these areas, as this almost inevitably provokes
 a violent reaction. >>
Yes Americans should avoid these places because of the massive number of
Americans killed there daily.  What?  Not even one?  Oh.....
And as for photographing misery and poverty, it's just plain disrespect and
ugly Americanism that would make someone want to take home a picture of
squalor and desperately poor people.  They are embarrassed to be seen like
this.......don't you get it?  Either boorish behavior of regular folks with a
camera or foreign journalists who have proven to be unfriendly to majority
class Haitians, wanting a photo to go with the phrase......poorest country in
the hemisphere.  There is no good reason to take a picture of these places.

If this isn't an insidious piece of trash, I don't know what is!  If
Americans want to beware of something, it might be their own government.

Kathy Dorce~