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a259: Re: a244 (Dorce's comments) Yeghoyan says Bravo to Kathy(fwd)

From: vyeghoyan2@aol.com

Bravo, Kathy! Your point was well made that the sense that massive numbers of Americans have been killed in those areas is totally unfounded. However, if journalists and truly well-meaning Americans wanted to take photos and report about the atrocities against the Haitians in those areas, in order that things might change, THAT would be different.

Otherwise, it is totally insensitive to want to take pictures of the misery to which American policy contributes and worsens.

Isn't it time to look not at the problems and the ugly reality, but at the systemic injustice that has been going on for years while American foreign policy continues to favor and strengthen the elite, as well-documented by Stan Goff in his book Hideous Dream and so many other books and articles as well.

Kenbe red, pa lage.