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a256: RE: a234: Re: a208: Re: a198: harry belafonte and frantzcasseus (fwd)

From: JJEANPIERRE1@aol.com

Yes Steven, Frantz Casseus who died in Mahattan a few years ago was the
prominent Haitian classical guitarist.  He played with Harry Belafonte in the
fifties and penned for the singer the hit Mèsi Bon Dye.  Mr. Casseus, an
autodidact,  was also the first black to play classical guitar at Carnegie
Hall in 1956 (see Essai Blibliographique sur la vie de Frantz Casseus by his
student Marc Mathelier who performed last week at Carnegie Hall).  Imagine
the make up of the audiences then and now!
Casseus'  LP( I don't if the CD is now available) Haitian Suite can be
ordered from the Smithsonian Institution.
jean jean-pierre