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a263: garbage (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

quote from posting:
A Haitian journalist was interviewing market women about working in the
middle of
garbage heaps.  One woman said, "I can't answer you.  The smell of the
garbage stops me."
About this quote I want to say:
1) The market woman was obviously out-smarting the journalist by her response
2)  It is a false idea that people live in the middle of garbage by choice.
The garbage is the choice of the government.  Every one makes some trash and
they has to put it somewhere.  The huge piles of garbage near markets are
evidence that the merchants actually clean their working spot and make a
commong decision as to where a pile should go.  The government decide whether
or not to provide garbage clean-up services.  Haitians in fact produce much
less trash per capita than most others because they consume so much less.
Unfortunately we have large cities and the most inefficient government in the