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a275: Something very wrong with posts I'm sending out

Folks, something crazy has gone wrong with my mailings.  I don't know

About 3 days ago I opened my mail program and got some strange message
that my pine program had been changed and to get on I had to accept
this alternative pine.  I did.  But, it all looks MAINLY the same to
me on this machine, a bit different in font and layout, but very very

However, I've had many notes of people saying the posts are often coming
with attachments, which you know I never send, and some saying the
formatting is simply horrible.

Tomorrow I will call the webmaster and try to get this resolved.  I have
about a dozen, maybe even more posts in line, but I think I won't post
anymore until I talk to him tomorrow and see what in the world is

Sorry,  Bob Corbett