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a278: Democratic Convergence Calls for a Wide United Front AgainstLavalas (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Friday, January 4, 2002
Democratic Convergence Calls for a Wide United Front Against Lavalas

The leaders of Democratic Convergence call on all the forces of the country
to converge their efforts to rid Haiti of the Lavalas regime. In a New Year
message, opposition members expose the difficult living conditions in Haiti
under Jean Bertrand Aristide’s government.  “In 2001, poverty, unemployment,
and insecurity significantly increased in the country, causing a
deterioration in the living conditions of the population in the areas of
education, health, and nutrition,” deplored Evans Paul, one of the leaders
of the Democratic Convergence.

Once again, Mr. Paul spoke against cases of violence orchestrated by close
supporters of the government against opposition members. He also deplored
the death of several police officers in the coup d’état of December 17,
2001, announced by the government and described by the opposition as a
staged coup. He warned against the establishment of a fierce dictatorship in
the country, following the bloody events of December 17, when members of
grassroots organizations (OPs) looted and burned opposition headquarters.
The leader of Konvansyon Inite Demokratifk (KID) said that the opposition
noted the reaction of OP Lavalas members after December 17, when they rushed
to different ministries to ask to be paid for the “job” they had done.
Evans Paul’s wish it that, in year 2002, the people becomes fully aware of
the situation, in light of the continuous deterioration of the general
conditions in the country. “In order to have a year 2002 that does not look
like 2001, the people needs to come together through a total convergence,
which is the last resort to save the country from the grip of Lavalas,”
declared Evans Paul.