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a290: On Ayitian Journalists' lack of courage (fwd)

From: "[iso-8859-1] Jean Poincy" <caineve@yahoo.fr>

I can never understand how Ayitian people from all
fronts wish to conduct politics on a smooth terrain
free from political danger. I believe that making
political comments involves one deeply in the making
of politics, especially if these comments are overt
against one dominant or powerfull group.

This is no political luxury and the journalists ought
to understand that if they believe in a cause. Their
decision to leave the country is a sign of weakness
and a lack of purpose. They just don't believe in the
cause; in fact they have no cause to believe in. Most
of them, They are using a very bad situation to gain

If they believed in a cause, they would use a
different approach to continue their work that the
country badly needs according to them. Why not "maroon
journalism", as I would call it, to continue what they
thought good for the country? Why not using other
means to protect and defend themselves against the
threats? Is it lack of creativity, lack of courage or
lack of a real cause? Which is it?

I understand that one must protect himself/herself
from being killed, but if the conservative instinct
runs so high one should stay off. Fortunately, Ayiti
knew some of those who did not gave up so easily when
real threats were coming from real enemies that would
not miss their target. In fact many have died, but the
bulk remained. The fleeing journalists are not like
those journalists under the Duvalier regime when there
were real threats. They don't have the guts; the
threats from popular groups are no reason.

Here is my take: these journalists made this decision
as a will to punish the country. I bet that's what's
going through their head. How useful will they be away
from the scene? By leaving, they have done more wrongs
to freedom of speech than those who are threatening

In real fight for freedom of speech the true defenders
are not afraid of death, instead they go and meet
death until they defeat it, or until death defeats
them on the name of freedom of speech. They find ways
to defend themselves, they find ways to counteract,
they find ways to vehiculate their beliefs, they find
ways to weaken the powerful group/perpetrators of
violence they are aiming at, they don't flee like
birds at the sound of a shot gun, they go into hiding
to continue working underground, they come up with
ideas to do things different, they don't just hammer a
powerful group just for the sake of it. They go and
uncover them and bring them out to the public.

Jean-Domique's death was a sufficient reason for them
to stir the mud. They made complaints with lack of
conviction, they were scared, they did not want to be
next. They kept begging for protection of freedom of
speech which themselves don't believe in. Lindors'
case came up and the same they remained. They just
talked and kept begging for protection of their
person. Why can't they protect or defend themselves on
their own? They expect the international community to
do something. Just like Ayitians always do!!!

Those journalists who left, in their place, I would
request political asylum for ever to never return to
the country even when things change.

Ayiti has lived, lives and will live

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