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a297: BBC: Haiti: Head of Reporters Sans Frontieres makes secondvisit in two months (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Head of Reporters Sans Frontieres makes second visit in two months
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jan 9, 2002

Text of report by Haitian Signal FM radio on 9 January
The main news this morning is the visit of Robert Menard, secretary-general
of Reporters Without Borders [RSF], to Haiti for a second time today. The
international organization for the defence of the press will carry out a new
mission to Haiti today, Wednesday 9 January. This new mission follows that
of 22 November which was motivated by the most recent situation in Haiti,
which was marked by an upsurge of violence and threats against journalists
and the media.
During his stay in Haiti, Menard will with the Haitian authorities
concerned, victims' relatives and friends, witnesses, officials of
non-governmental organizations, journalists and representatives of
international organizations. The situation of the press following the latest
acts of violence and the status of the investigations of the cases of
journalists Jean Dominique and Brignol Lindor who were murdered on 3 April
2000 and 3 December 2001 respectively, will be on Menard's agenda.
Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 9 Jan 02
/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.