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a304: Question for the list (fwd)

From: IRSCP@aol.com

Dear Corbetters,

I am working on a text regarding Henri Christophe and his rule in Haiti. I have published the first Part of that series (which will probably be in 3 parts) on the IRSP's website (http://www.irsp.org), in the Editorial section. The whole text is entitled "Ruling over Haiti: the Henri Christophe argument", and the first part's title is "Henri Christophe in Haiti's History, Part 1.

As I am going through some historical pages for the second part of the text, which will be about Christophe's administration, I have begun to wonder whether he ruled over most of Haiti, or whether Pétion did.

As it stands now, I know for sure that Christophe was in control of the Northern part and the Artibonite regions, and also very likely the Grande-Anse. I also know that Pétion was in control of the West and the South. Which one of those two controlled the Center (le Centre) region? Did Christophe controlled the whole Grande-Anse department?

I need to know because this would help determine whether he controlled most of Haiti's territory, or whether Pétion did. Can anyone help me find the right historical documents for that? This is of major importance to me, because it will help me determine the true level of administrative success of Christophe's regime.

Please email me in private, or better in the public forum for the benefit of the whole Corbett list.

Best regards,
Hyppolite Pierre