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a302: Will the President send the Dominique case back to JudgeGassant or someone else; Mr. President you must decide (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

At this particular moment, no one is working on that
particular case, the Judge prior the expiration of his
term had sent a request to the Haitian Senate to
revoke the immunity of another Senator. From August up
to January, the Haitian Senate did not discuss that
case at all. Since the suspected Senator is an elected
official, according the Haitian the laws which I
respect 100% no one can arrest or question an elected
official without revoking his/her immunity.
The President has the power to convoke the Senate into
an extraordinary session in which only that request
could have been considered.
 the president must choose someone to work on that
case; he can send it back to judge Gassant or choose
someone else. It is legal, the constitution has
invested to the president that power; if tomorrow, he
sends it to someone else, so be it. But this case is
being watched by scholars everywhere in the world;
resolving this particular case can help the justice
system in Haiti or burry it for years to come.  No
arrest has been made in the assassination of Mr.
Lindor, which I found unacceptable, but can be
justified. Itís tougher to find a suspect in a crowded
Why  the President has taken that long to decide?  He
was aware of that high profile case since mid-December
according the justice Minister, Mr. Lissade. Now the
question: will Mr. Jean L. Dominique ever find justice
in Haiti? Do you believe an arrest will be made in
this case? Unbelievable, Duvalier father and son could
not get rid of Dominique, this Haitian Legend was
brutally assassinated when we claim living in a

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