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a311: Help request re: song's meaning, and history (fwd)

From: Mendjazla@aol.com

Would anyone be able to provide any info on the Haitian song entitled "Mesi
Bondye" ?

I have included the Kreyol lyrics and a translation below.  I am specifically
wondering if there are any negative or controversial overtones to the song,
and how pervasive they might be.  Any background info about the song:
composer, date, etc. would be appreciated as well.


Mesi Bondye, gade kijan la mize fini pou nou.
Mesi Bondye, gade kisa la nati pote pou nou.
Lapli tonbe, mayi pouse.
Tout timoun ki grangou, pwale manje.
Anou danse ibo, anou danse petwo
Papa Bondye ki nan syel la, mize a fini pou nou
mize a fini pou nou, mize a fini pou nou.

Thank you God, look how misery has ended for us.
Thank you God, look what nature has brought for us.
Rain has fallen, corn has grown.
All the hungry children are going to eat.
Lets do the ibo dance, lets do the petwo dance.
Father God in heaven the misery has ended for us.
The  misery has ended for us.
The misery has ended for us.

Thanks for your help,
Markus Schwartz