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a324: Re: a312: Request for sanctions to be imposed on twenty-fourHaitian officials (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

FROM: Kevin Pina  <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

I interviewed a prominent Haitian author yesterday and asked him what he
thought of Reporters Without Borders involvement in Haiti. He immediately
reminded me that the French government never had problem supporting
Duvalier's regime for 28 years. Mr. Menard would have never been let into
the country under that regime, or subsequent ones for that matter, better
yet than be given the press attention he is currently receiving in Haiti.
"For someone who is complaining about a lack of press freedoms in Haiti, he
certainly is getting a lot of play right now. Myself and a few friends sat
down yesterday and monitored radio coverage in the capital with regards to
mentions of Mr. Menard and his mission. We stopped counting at sixty three."

He went on to explain that he felt this was another instance of the former
French colonizer trying to lecture the stupid blacks, who they never took
the time to formally educate themselves, about the intricacies of democracy
when it suits their purpose. As long as the French had someone in power they
could live with, ala Duvalier, they never complained once about such trifles
as press freedoms. He ended with "Read the label, it says product of the
government of France. We survived their cruelty before and defeated
Napoleon's armies, we will weather Mr. Menard's interventions as well."

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