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a326: A new Haitian Organization in Atlanta: Haitian CommunityRelation (HCR) (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Saturday, December 1st, 2001

“Avant l’heure n’est pas, après l’heure n’est plus
l’heure, l’heure c’est l’heure”

My friends, yesterday is history no matter what had
happened, it was beautiful, it was awful, it was
painful this should be behind your back.
You shall never forget history, because it might
repeat itself.  The questions we should all ask
ourselves: What can we do today to improve our lives?
What can we do today to assist our community?
Not because something has never been done before that
we should not try. Each of you has the ability and the
capacity to make changes in your life, in your
community, in your district, in your state, in your
country and in the world.
You are the only person who can believe in you, others
will trust you, but remember a famous quote from a
famous US President “Trust but verify” This statement
was made by Ronald Reagan, others will give you the
benefit of the doubt but at the end you have to prove
it and live by it.
My friends, you are responsible for your own destiny.
The choice you make today will dictate your future,
without any doubt you will be judged by the society
and that judgment will be based solely on your action.
Again a famous quote line from a famous Haitian writer
“Nul ne peut être jugé que par ses pairs” Mr. Louis
Joseph Janvier.
My friends, you should stand somewhere and your
standings are linked to the principles that you
believe in, to your lifestyle, to your family
tradition, and to your aspirations. Each of you has a
goal, it may be unachievable at the present but you
still have one. Therefore, you should manage yourself
and act accordingly to reach that goal. Always believe
in yourself, keep your hope alive, don’t ever look
back; people will stand by you, people will work with
you but you have to give them a Reason to do so.
	I thank you all for coming if you like what you see,
please comeback, if you believe that you can take part
to create a structural Haitian community in the metro
you will voice a favorable opinion for it and
participate in its creation.
At this particular moment we do not have a
representative Haitian community in Atlanta, this is a
fact. If something were to happen today, we do not
have a response team that can respond appropriately.
Most of us came to Atlanta after living in Miami, New
York, Chicago, Boston, Montreal and so on, which means
we are not new comers, we are familiar, just a little,
with the system. You live the reality of this land,
which is a place of opportunity.
	Each of you has a keen sense of what you are good at
and in which you can do better than anyone else; some
of you are good in Public Relations, in management, in
education, in motivation and coordination. We have the
necessary skills to make things happen in this
	We will enjoy the support of our U.S. friends and the
other ethnic groups in the metro. To achieve that, we
have to be peaceful neighbors, we should not limit
ourselves to the Haitian community, we live in the
United States of America, we should play an active
role in the life of this country. We should join hands
together to make this country a safer place; we should
work for the prosperity of this country and at the
same time help the land of Toussaint Louverture.
Joseph Alfred 		joe_alfred@yahoo.com

On Saturday January 19, 2002

Haitian Community Relation will hold a Special

NB: This invitation is extended to anyone interested
in seeing a structure Haitian Community in the metro.
NB: If you have a child or if you can play solo a
musical instrument, recite poem let us know.
Which committee would you like to take part, this
process is open to all
HCR Tri-Lingual Newsletter Can you be an editor for
the Creole, French or the English section
Executive, Finance, Planning, Information, Education,
Sport and Recreation, Public Relation, Mediator, and
Emergency Response Team (ERT)

Bring your children everything HCR will do must be
compatible for children, youths and adults. Parents
make sure your children have S+ in behavior. He/she
must be able to sit and follow direction

Dressing code: Professional Attire

 Saturday January 19, 2002
>From 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
Avondale High School
1192 Clarendon Avenue
Avondale Estates, Georgia 30002

Direction #1       From 75 North or South
Merge onto I-20 E/GA-402 E.
Turn left drive 0.1 mile
Turn RIGHT onto MEMORIAL DR SE/GA-154  3.9 miles
Turn LEFT onto S COLUMBIA DR. 0.2 mile
Turn RIGHT onto CLARENDON AVE. 0.2 mile

Direction # 2    From Saint Peter & Paul Church
Turn LEFT onto Tilson Road
Turn LEFT onto CANDLER RD/GA-155. 1.2 mile
RIGHT onto MEMORIAL DR SE/GA-154.  1.5
Turn LEFT onto S COLUMBIA DR.      0.2 mile
Turn RIGHT onto CLARENDON AVE.     0.2 mile

NB: From I-20 E exit Candler RD Turn right on Candler

Direction #3        From 285
Exit Memorial go East
In front of Avondale Mall
At the intersection of Memorial and Columbia
Turn RIGHT onto S COLUMBIA DR. 0.2 mile
Turn RIGHT onto CLARENDON AVE. 0.2 mile

 Please let us know if you plan to
Joseph Alfred   joe_alfred@yahoo.com
Garry G. Dorcent gdorce@hotmail.com
Ariol Grandchamps  grandchampa@aol.com
Penal Presmy galaxieg@bellsouth.net

Temporary Committee

Joseph Alfred, Educator
President joe_alfred@yahoo.com

Yves line Dorcent, Economist/ Accountant
Vice-President, gdorce@hotmail.com

Garry G. Dorcent, Economist/Accountant/Journalist
Secretary, gdorce@hotmail.com

Berthony Beaugé, College Student
Assistant Secretary Berthony21@hotmail.com

Ariol Grandchamps, Computer Specialist
Treasurer grandchampa@aol.com

Joel Joseph, Network Engineer
Assistant Treasurer Joel.Joseph@equant.com

Eckner Joseph, Computer/Electronic/English
Public Relation joeckner@yahoo.com

Nadine Meyler, Realtor
Public Relation nmeyler@bellsouth.net

Wilson Delille, Videograph /PCA+/Manager
Counselor General wilsondelille@hotmail.com

Danielle Dorismond Joseph, Chemist
Lead Counselor jodany2000@yahoo.com

Penal Presmy, Chemist/Businessman
Counselor galaxieg@bellsouth.net

Rony-Obed Beaugé, College Student
Counselor General Asst., obedthe1st@yahoo.com

Marc-Antoine Medulime, Electronic,
Counselor mmedulme@yahoo.com

Jean Robert Durand, Chemist,
Counselor Jdurand5@bellsouth.net

Abdias Regis,Information Technolody Specialist
Webmaster abdiasr@yahoo.com

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