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a335: Re: a300: reply to Dorce about photojournalists (fwd)

From: Jetphire@aol.com

There are all kinds of photographers that want to tell all kinds of stories
with their pictures. It is not an easy thing to convey the true story of a
situation, especially if it is completely different from your own life ...
and sensitive. Something that means a lot to me is being able to work with
people for long periods of time-news journalists rarely get the opportunity
to do this. (For the record, it is my chouice to work this way and the news
journalists make a lot more money.) Most of my long term projects have words
as well as photographs - the best way I've found that allows the viewer to
really understand the message of my photographs and my subjects is to use
quotes. Being able to read the actual words from the subject of a photograph
makes for a much more intimate experience.

When I work with street children in Haiti, they know why I'm there. It's
pretty obvious when I'm in their face with a camera, but I won't take
someone's picture if they don't want me to (I wouldn't want someone doing
that to me). I want to tell their stories and increase awareness about their
lives, and many of them want their stories told. Sometimes they write down a
few things, sometimes we interview, and sometimes when they can't write then
they dictate.

I just wanted to add my two bits. It can make a big difference when you work
WITH people, and the addition of words can add so much more to a story.