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a337: Durban on Book Club in Haiti (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Hello Bob Corbett and fellow Corbettites:

There is an English language library located at the Petionville
Club in Bourdon (Haiti) which might be of interest to English
speaking residents of Haiti.  It is a membership club (a nominal
US$30 per year) and you do NOT have to be a member of the
Petionville Club to join.  Open almost every Friday from 4 to 6
PM, there is generally some form of refreshment (tea, cookies,
cake, etc) brought in on a rotating basis by one of the members.
 A good source of English-language books and the chance to meet
other English-speaking folks in-country.

The club has been in continuous existence since the early part
of the LAST century, and has a small section devoted to Haiti.
I mean VERY small, since the entire library consists of one good
sized room stuck on the end of the Petionville Club.

Now, for the reason behind this post, Bob:   That 93 page,
ancient Toussaint Louverture biography you have resently come
upon is something that would fit quite nicely in (and be quite
appropriate for) this library.  If you do get around to
photocopying it for subsequent scanning into your website as you
mentioned, would you be willing to send the photocopy down for
the library here?  I would have it bound (with a little note as
to origin) and pay you for any photocopying costs involved.

Best regards,
Lance Durban

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