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a340: Re: The Haitian Concert at Carnegie Hall - Antoine comments(fwd)

From: GUY S ANTOINE <guyantoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

A special concert at Carnegie Hall:
"The Haitian Community Salutes Our Heroes"
Dec 29, 2001

The great success of the Haitian Concert at Carnegie Hall and the enthusiastic
response given to Serge Bellegarde's review of that event, with editing and
distribution services provided by Windows on Haiti, show that with our
combined attributes (professionalism, abundance of talent, organizing skills,
dedication, and overall vision), we can accomplish great things together.
We cannot rest on our laurels... We must move forward.

Today, Mapou Productions takes center stage and deservedly so for their
knock-out performance at Carnegie Hall.  It should be noted, amid all the
high praise that the production was not without flaws, but it was far above
anything that we had come to expect from Haitian productions.  As Jean
Jean-Pierre, one of the small group of people who were chiefly responsible
for the success of the show, noted "even the officials at Carnegie Hall
expressed their admiration and surprise that the show proceeded so well".

Our goal now should be to aim higher, and change the feeling of surprise to
a sentiment of full expectation.  It should be: Oh, another show from Mapou
Productions (or another company associated with the production of Haitian
cultural happenings) ! We are in for A TREAT.  We are in for a memorable
event.  We are in for something truly great. Let's call our family and friends,
so they do not miss this opportunity."

This is not just a dream.  It can be done.  As noted before, we have the talent,
we have the skills, we have  the dedication, we have the vision.  Perhaps, the
one thing missing is money.  But as long as we pursue our aim in a collaborative
and fully supportive fashion and bring stabilizing elements into the mix along the
way, the financial picture will brighten. On this score, I am certainly not speaking
from personal experience, but I believe that I am right, and nothing could stop
us but our own despair.  Let it not be so!

>From the cultural standpoint, we have a major task ahead of us: Organizing a
proper tribute for the 200 years of our Nation "AYITI".  If we miss it, we
merely have to wait another 100 years.

On a personal note, I am still buoyed by Orchestre Kiskeya's performance of
Jean Jean-Pierre's classical composition entitled "Heroes". Jean-Jean
Pierre simply never ceases to amaze me.  His fusion of Haitian rhythms with
European classical and American avant-garde elements is breaking new gound
for Haitian composers. I learned subsequently that Janjan (his nickname) is
thinking of getting himself to work on a full blown "2004" symphony to coincide
with Haiti's 2004 celebration.  You can count on me to break his arms and legs
if he does not do so.

However 2004 is still some time away (though time is running short to begin the
planning of a celebration fit for the circumstance).  Could we have a few major
cultural happenings in the meantime?  Of course!  It's easy (I am not a producer.)

Guy S. Antoine