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a350: Re: Mesi Bondye - Antoine relates a story (fwd)

From: GUY S ANTOINE <guyantoine@windowsonhaiti.com>

Here's an anecdote about "Mèsi Bondye".  It happened in Cap-Haitien in 1960.
Two young people were engaged, when a former girlfriend of the fiancé returned
from the U.S. for vacation.  Right away, the old relationship was renewed with
such assiduity that many came to be suspicious of the real intention of the young
man.  At the speed of light, marriage was in the air.  On the eve of the wedding,
the groom's family offered a "dedicace" on the airwaves to the bride, and
specifically selected the song: "Mèsi Bondye".  (And for cause!  In no time,
the young man had his papers in order...)

The jilted fiancée exacted her own sort of revenge.  She waited in a car for the
wedding procession to pass by.  When it did, she blew the horn for an indefinite
amount of time, leaving no doubt as to her feelings.

The marriage lasted briefly.

Guy S. Antoine
"Mwen t ale nan resepsyon an, yo ban mwen yon kout pye, se konsa m abouti
sou lis kòbèt la pou mwen rakonte nou bagay sa."