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a355: Fwd: HAITI ACTION ALERT ? Importance HIGH, Time Value =Immediate (fwd)

From: Mark Schuller <marky@umail.ucsb.edu>

Some folks may be interested in signing this.  I know others wouldn't.  Thought it would be important for the folks who would.

For questions, e-mail the Haiti Action Committee.  I am at the University of California and will not know the answers.

----- Forwarded message from Haiti Action Committee <haitiaction@yahoo.com> -----
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 23:39:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Haiti Action Committee <haitiaction@yahoo.com>
Reply-To: Haiti Action Committee <haitiaction@yahoo.com>
Subject: HAITI ACTION ALERT ? Importance HIGH, Time Value = Immediate
To: Haiti Action Committee <haitiaction@yahoo.com>

Time Value = Immediate, 15 Jan 02

Dear Friends of Haiti,

At the initiative of the U.S. Mission, the
Organization of American States (OAS) will vote to
impose economic, as well as other sanctions against
Haiti on Tuesday January 15, 2002. Ironically, this
vote will take place on the birthday of the late,
great Dr. Martin Luther King; his son, Martin Luther
King Jr. III called for the release of blocked loan
and aid money on a visit to Haiti last week. For
example, the Inter-American Bank for Development
(according to a request of the U.S. State Department)
has currently blocked a $146 million loan to Haiti
that will be used to promote education and health
care. Incredibly, Haiti has had to pay nearly $10
million in interest over the past year to maintain
this loan.

In response to this serious new development, The Haiti
Action Committee requests you forward the following
sample letter to the OAS missions listed below. Modify
the letter to your liking. Cut and paste the letter
into the body of a new e-mail message. Cut and paste
the e-mail addresses into the ?To? line. Then send. If
possible, we recommend you use the letterhead of your
organization and send it to the different missions.
Please send a blind copy (?Bcc?)to
haitiaction@yahoo.com .

Finally, we would like for you to phone zap the OAS
Secretary General Cesar Gaviria at (202)458-3000 with
the same message.


[1st: EDIT, SIGN YOUR NAME, then COPY and PASTE this
letter into the body of your e-mail.]

Honorable Cesar Gaviria, Secretary General
Member Missions, Organization of American States
17th Street & Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington DC  20006

Members of the Organization of American States:

As a friend of Haiti, a supporter of democracy and a
friend of all people who strive for a system of
government based on justice and the will of the people
-- I strongly protest the initiative to invoke the
Charter of the Organization of American States against
the government of the Republic of Haiti.

I protest the implied condemnation of the Haitian
government by this initiative. The government of Haiti
already has made great concessions to the losing
parties including the resignation of the seven
contested senate seats and a shorter term for
uncontested officials. The significant defeat of the
losing parties at the polls in the May 2000 elections
and their continuing low popularity are undeniable by
all accounts. It will be a grave injustice to
universal democratic principles if the OAS were to
reverse the will of the Haitian electorate.

President Aristide has demonstrated respect for civil
liberties, freedom of the press and assembly. In a
marked departure from the past, he has shown
incredible restraint and judgment in his response to
threats by members of the opposition. The authorities
have been effective in establishing order when threats
are followed by violent incidents, thus minimizing the
loss of life and property.

Therefore, I ask that:

1) The OAS support the government of Haiti and desist
from supporting any initiative that seeks to impose
sanctions against the people and the government of

2) The OAS needs to help normalize relations between
the government of Haiti and international financial
institutions. Given the dire economic situation in
Haiti, the Inter-American Bank for Development loan
must be released to bring much-needed relief to the

3) The OAS play a positive, unbiased role to
facilitate negotiations to resolve the political
crisis. In accordance with the OAS resolution of June
25, 2001, political parties and other sectors of
Haitian society responded constructively to President
Aristide's initiative.

It is unjustifiable that one grouping is exercising a
disproportionate veto power that negatively impacts
the living conditions of millions of Haitians.


(Sign your name here)
(Your city, state, U.S.A.)


[2nd: COPY and PASTE these e-mail addresses onto the
?To? line of your e-mail.]

AntBar@oas.org, Argentina@oas.org, Bahamas@oas.org,
Barbados@oas.org, Belize@oas.org, Bolivia@oas.org,
Brazil@oas.org, Canada@oas.org, Chile@oas.org,
Colombia@oas.org, Costa-Rica@oas.org,
Dominica@oas.org, Ecuador@oas.org, ElSalvador@oas.org,
Grenada@oas.org, Guatemala@oas.org, Guyana@oas.org,
Hait@oas.org, Honduras@oas.org, Jamaica@oas.org,
Mexico@oas.org, Nicaragua@oas.org, Panama@oas.org,
Paraguay@oas.org, Peru@oas.org,
Republica-Dominicana@oas.org, Nevis@oas.org,
StLucia@oas.org, StVnG@oas.org, Suriname@oas.org,
Tobago@oas.org, TnT@oas.org, Uruguay@oas.org,
USA@oas.org, Venezuela@oas.org

[3rd: COPY and PASTE our e-mail address into the ?Bcc?
line of your e-mail]


We apologize for this awkward process of cutting and
pasting, but it seems to be the fastest way to
generate letters in this urgent moment.

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