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a368: Sonson accused Toussaint

From: JD Lemieux <lxhaiti@yahoo.com>

11 January - Senator Prince Pierre Sonson has accused
his co-Senator, Dany Toussaint, of trying to implicate
him in the burning down of opposition parties' offices
on 17 December because of his stance on the Jean
Dominque murder inquiry. Prince Pierre Sonson says
that he himself is "clean" in relation to what
happened in Port-au-Prince on 17 December. "I tried in
vain to stop the arson at various offices belonging to
opposition parties such as Reynold Georges' ALAH,"
indicating that he himself is opposed to the members
of popular organisations close to the government who
succeeded in looting and setting fire to party
headquarters and private residences of opposition

The Senator from the South-East stated that Senator
Toussaint had tried to intimidate him by telephoning
him to say that he was in possession of photographs
showing him (Sonson) to be involved in the incidents
on 17 December. Prince Pierre Sonson declared that he
takes his colleague's approach very seriously because
he knows the man with whom he is dealing very well. "I
am at risk of being the victim of a judicial setup,"
said Sonson, adding that the reason for this was the
position he has taken in favour of a full and
unimpeded investigation of the Jean Dominique affair.
"Whatever happens, I will never turn my back on this
issue," he said about his denunciation of the murder.
"Most of my problems are with my Lavalas colleagues
such as those in the Senate." Senator Toussaint, the
prime suspect in the investigation into the murder of
Dominique, has not responded to his colleague's
statements. Meanwhile, the investigation is still
blocked because President Aristide has still not
pronounced on whether the investigating judge, Claudy
Gassant, should be kept on or not.

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