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a374: Subject: Re: a347: How nation-building has gone awry (fwd)


The nation-building went awry from its inception... I was there when the
multi-national force came in in fall 1994 and DID NOT disarm the Haitian
army. A US military
officer I mentioned that to said "The Haitians are very proud people and
they wouldn't like
us to do their work for them." That kind of hypocritical party-line b.s.
was the foundation
for the whole endeavor. Shortly later I saw another example of it during a
demonstration in the capital. Unarmed demonstrators were fired on by the
Army and FRAPH, US
military vehicles drove through the street and then went to guard the
access roads to
Petionville, NOT to defend the 3,000 demonstrators in the street who were
getting shot at,
myself among them. I saw that with my own eyes and fortunately was not
shot, through no
caution of my own.