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a375: Re: a367: Haitian-Americans protest bank firing (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

Haitian Community vs. Bank of America
Terminated after 20 years of career, the only high
ranking Haitian within the staff is a slap to the
Haitian community who is doing business with the bank
of America. Haitian in Miami, you are great people,
the bank must reintegrate the gentleman to his job.
Before terminating him, the bank official should have
taken into consideration the Haitian community; it is
difficult to explain this cut. I support you 100% this
is a just cause. The gentleman needs is job back, the
community shall work together to make it happen.
Whatever the result would be, Haitian brothers and
sisters living in south Florida, I salute you.
“Il faut battre le fer pendant qu’il est chaud” set a
date when Haitian costumers will report to withdraw
their saving in large numbers and make preparation to
have another bank close by for them to open a new
account, this should be done peacefully. Try to have a
first wave of people in line before the stock market
open and get any media who is competing against Bank
of America. This simple psychological move will create
panic in the financial industry, remember the Haitian
saving in South Florida cannot shake the Bank of
America but this move shall go beyond South Florida
and it might be the reason why the upper management
may not be willing to reinstate the gentleman.

NB: Bank of America may not be willing to back down,
do not make it a Haitian only issue; you know your
allies. You know which group in your area you can
count on. You know you are dealing with a powerful
financial institution, play by the rules.
We had supported a Famous Black American lawyer when
we had boycotted the Cuban for failing to give Mr.
Nelson Mandela the Key of the city, we need him on
board, and he will be without any doubt. Again this is
a noble cause, the gentleman should have his job back,
please use caution and diplomacy. Don’t talk, motivate
your people and act peacefully. Prepare an exit
strategy; make sure that rival bank is willing to hire
that gentleman Remember the focus point is that
particular gentleman. Focus on that only. Once it is a
done deal just switch. And prepare a team of good
lawyers who are not too friendly with Bank of America
you will find a lot. Check a cool federal and state
judge who are tough with that institution and file a
few lawsuits just to keep them busy.

You cannot lose that fight, this is a win-win
situation, I urge you to get united. At this
particular moment, you are about to make history and
forever make people respect the Haitian Community in
South Florida.

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