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a384: OAS-Haiti (fwd)

From: Greg Chamberlain <GregChamberlain@compuserve.com>

   WASHINGTON, Jan 16 (AP) -- Escalating violence in Haiti has prompted the
Organization of American States to send a new permanent mission to the
nation to help quell the disorder.
   In a meeting late Tuesday night, the 34 state members of the OAS
Permanent Council passed a resolution calling for an independent
investigation into the Dec. 17 attack on Haiti's National Palace.
   Two dozen armed men stormed the presidential palace during the attack,
which the government described as a coup attempt. The group remained there
for about seven hours before fleeing.
   The Permanent Council resolution also calls for the prosecution of
anyone involved in the attack.
   It also noted the willingness of the Haitian government to cooperate
with the international community to end the crisis.