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a385: the meaning of demokrasi (fwd)

From: JHUDICOURTB@aol.com

One of the things that happened in 1994 during Operation Restore Democracy is
that many important places were surrounded by these spiral of wires with
sharp edges.  The US troops had a way to protect places like the airport and
other strategic location by creating or supplementing fences with these
wires.  I was reminded of that when seeing pictures of the El Qaeda prisoners
in Guatanamo surrounded by the same wires.  In Haiti people call the wires
"demokrasi".  For example, if your home or business is broken into in
Port-au-Prince in spite of your tall walls, you might be advised to go to the
hardware store and buy some "demokrasi" to add on top of your walls.  Maybe
if all these political parties of the convergence had had the protection of
good old American Demokrasi, they might not have to rebuild their buildings