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a433: With the Demission of the Prime Minister: A new opportunityfor Haiti (fwd)

From: Senou <senou@yahoo.com>

With the Demission of the Prime Minister: A new
opportunity for Haiti
With the Demission of the embattled Haitian Prime
Minister, Haiti can have a fresh start if the parties
involved would like to see a resolution to this
ongoing crisis. At this present moment, there is no
reason for the president to rush to appoint a new
Prime Minister without finding a compromise solution.
I urge my fellow Haitians in Haiti to see the country
first instead of their personal interests.
I call for a coalition government. The next prime
minister must be able to exert his/her function
according the constitution. The new Prime minister
shall not be a Lavalas or a Convergence; he/she should
be able to gather a team that will have for mission to
make appropriate change in the country. That person
must be a team player, he/she should have the mission
to reunite the country. He/she should be a
well-respected figure among various classes; he/she
shall be an open minded; he/she shall be a
well-respected figure in the international area.
Haiti government needs a general Tune-Up, a new head
of government with new team for a fresh start. I
believe that we have qualified Haitian living in Haiti
and outside who can do that job. Otherwise there won’t
be any hope for the country.
My friends if you believe you can be only around your
friends and think that you can govern the whole
country without others participation: Good luck. I
believe we can change the course of history by putting
the right person in place. If you rely on loyalists to
you not to the country: Good luck.
I believe Prof: Latortue, Desroches, General Abraham,
Mr. Marc L. Bazin already a member of the soon former
government, Lieutenant Ramis St. Vil, Colonel
Guillaume will accept that post if call upon. Any of
these folks I cited above will be approved by a voice
vote in the Senate and they are respected in the
international area. For God sake, give them that
opportunity.  The current US secretary general Collins
Powell once appointed by the US President everybody
knew there wouldn’t be any debate on his nomination,
in Haiti we have people like him.
The choice of the new Prime Minister will be a strong
indication to see if the President has a desire to
resolve the ongoing crisis or not. Since there is
friction, it would be better to have someone neutral
to occupy that post. Stay away from personal friends,
a country is a country and a country shall not be
governed by a small click.

Joseph Alfred
W.L. Dept Chair & Soccer Coach
P.O BOX 334
Smyrna, Ga 30081

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