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a436: Black Jesus and Haitian culture (fwd)

From: AR Perrault <arperrault_04@yahoo.com>

 Interesting story:

My mother is sort of a religious guru (catholic that is). So she came to
visit me, and we
decided to go shopping to replace some of the religious images that she
has at home in
Haiti.   She was totally against buying any of the black Jesus of Black
religious images that
you find in Harlem or street vendors. So I bought her a replica of the
'Last Supper' by
Leonard do Vinci.  She was very happy and put it up.  Well it was not
until my cousin (the
troublemaker) when home to visit my mom for christmas that he asked her
how come I finally
convinced her to put black religious images that she realized that
everyone in the paintind
was BLACK, therefore not an AUTHENTIC.  Well since she was so happy of her
painting, she did
say much about it, so which means if you don't FORCE people to change,
they may accept the
change without realizing it.

The painting is still hanging up in the living room.