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a450: THe discussion of the color of God and/or Jesus

>From the moderator,

Folks, this theological debate about the color of God and/or Jesus
often has nothing to do with Haiti and I've already rejected about
a dozen posts which were stictly on the color (or gender) issue.

This is a list about the country of Haiti.  From here on out unless
the DOMINANT thrust of the post on this issue concerns HAITI  and
not the theology of color or gender, then I simply won't post it.

However, as a parting shot, I cannot help but comment on the LOGIC
of some of the posts.  The notion of God is certainly of a spirit.
But, for many believers, Jesus is a human person (at least in part)
and historical person.  Given the genealogy known (or claimed)
for him in scripture, his color and gender are matters of historical

But, enough -- let's get back to Haiti!!!!

Bob Corbett