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a462: List of known persons kidnapped (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

List of known persons kidnapped
>From January 2 / 02 to present, the chronological (?) list of known persons

 (Note that there may be more because in certain cases the family prefers
not to divulge such case)

1) Genevieve Armand (wife of Philippe Armand of Dynamic Enterprises, Hertz,
insurance co.) She escaped from where she was kept in Cite-Soleil.

2) Mr. D. Karisma (owner of business in Croix-des-Bossales).  Taken the day
after Aristide announced that he was personally working on the kidnapping
file and had arrested the chief of the gang.

3) An employee of Promobank (the bank paid for her but didn't reveal the

4) Cynthia Zamor (employee of Unibank). The bank paid for her.

5)  Thelma Bryan (owner of Noveltex). PNH rescue her together with G.
Romulus below and presented a gang of 15 people on TV as the ones
responsible for the kidnapping in the city.

6) Gerard Romulus (owner of a hardware in Santo). Rescued with Thelma Bryan.

7) Gina Prosper (owner of a gas station). Kinapped after the arrestation of
the supposed gang, as well as the two names below taken this week.

8) Laura Cine (relative to Franck Cine)

9) Serge Rosenthal (owner of a large store on Grand'rue). Kidnapped
yesterday. The family is awaiting today a call from the kidnappers.