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a491: Carlos Alberto Montaner on Haiti: while Haitian politicianswill reject the trust, he feels Dominicans should lobby abroad to createthe trust and impose it on Haiti (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Carlos Alberto Montaner on Haiti
Cuban intellectual Carlos Alberto Montaner is proposing a trust fund to help
Haiti. He told Diario Libre newspaper that Haiti’s problems have been caused
by Haiti, and called the country “non-viable.” The most-read Latin American
columnist feels that setting up an international trust is the only solution
to ensure that in a few generations development will become sustainable in
Haiti. He said that the DR will continue to suffer from the constant
migration of hundreds of thousands of Haitians escaping the disaster in
their country. He said that while Haitian politicians will reject the trust,
he feels Dominicans should lobby abroad to create the trust and impose it on
Haiti. After Haiti itself, the Dominican Republic is the nation most
affected by Haiti’s problems, he said. He feels the DR should resort to its
large population in the US to pressure for a solution such as the one he
suggests. Montaner visited the DR as a guest of the Fundacion Global
Democracia y Desarrollo, of former President Leonel Fernandez.