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a503: Pina comments on The Democratic Convergence has reversed itsdecision not to c (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

Haiti: Radio Metropole highlights 1145 gmt 25 Jan 02
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jan 26, 2002

2. The Democratic Convergence has reversed its decision not to contest the
26 November 2000 presidential election. The opposition maintains that future
discussions should include the 2000 electoral process. The Convergence has
based its decision on the events of July and December and on the corruption
that surrounds the management of the ruling party.

Gee whiz, boy am I surprised by this!!! I guess never hearing a single word
of condemnation for the attempted coup December 16 should have been our
first clue this was coming. Instead they immediately did what they have
always done so deftly, blame the victim and opportunistically turn it to
their advantage through subterfuge and a lot of help from the "Friends of
Haiti's Convergence". The Convergence never had any intention of negotiating
in good faith. They have been playing a zero sum game from the beginning.
They have been offered compromise after compromise by the consttitutional
government, their response, escalation and provocation with the help of
their "friends" inside and outside of Haiti. I am more than ashamed by the
role my own government has played, and continues to play, in fanning the
flames of tragedy in Haiti.

For those who are confused by the current situation, I will retell a story I
wrote to the list awhile back. I was watching a soccer game with a friend
and could not tell the teams apart because they wore street clothes. I asked
him how on earth he could tell one team from the other? His answer was that
it was not unlike Haitian politics, most of the time the only way to know
who is on your team is by which direction they are kicking the ball. Watch
closely which direction the ball gets kicked this month as all the players
are sure to be out on the field.

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