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a497: Re: a490: BBC: Haiti: Human rights group "disappointed" byreplacement of Judge Gassant (fwd)

From: kevin pina <kpinbox@hotmail.com>

The campaign of misinformation and demonization has reached new heights as
of late. Unfortunately for its purveyors, the main impact has been felt
abroad and is not filtering down to the base of the electorate, despite an
extremely loud press campaign in Haiti. Maybe Menard and his friends should
have their hearing checked.

It is clear that the discussion of new parliamentary elections is
unavoidable. When elections are held again the real losers will be IRI, the
OAS, and the Friends of Haiti who will receive the same dividend as they
have in the past for their investment in "plurality", absolutely nothing. It
is clear their idea of democracy really means they will not be satisfied
until someone is in power that they choose, not the Haitian people.  The
Haitian electorate did not buy it before and they will not buy it again
despite the huge outlay of capital and energy being exerted on behalf of the
Convergence.  Before the May 21, 2000 parliamentary elections, I raised the
question on this list if there were any guarantees that the results would
not be nullified as in the example of the 1995 elections. I think it will be
fair to ask the same question about any future elections given the track
record of the "international community" in Haiti. How will they react when
their choice loses again?

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