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a507: RE: a497: Re: a490: BBC: (Bob, please post anonimously)(fwd)

Bob, please, PLEASE post this reply to Kevin anonimously.

I read your comment regarding future elections in Haiti and the faith of the opposition in that process. I must tell you that you may be in for a big surprise this time.

I believe that the opposition now has its best chance. The only and real difficulty is with the Convergence and its irrational stands. They are not focused on the issues. They prefer debating Lavalas, and when they try to confront the real issues, they sound like sore losers.

On the other hand, if you have credible individuals who participate in the next parliamentary elections as independent candidates, they may actually teach Lavalas partisans like yourself, and me as well, a very good lesson. Sorry to say 'cause I am a firm Lavalas partisan too.

The Haitian electorate is not a little machine that only knows one button to push: the lavalas button. In fact, they voted last time overwhelmingly for Lavalas because they were so disillusioned with the opposition over what OPL did in the previous Parliament.

Granted, the Convergence now has many different parties. Unfortunately, it is a party that is ideologically and strategically dominated by OPL, and some other unimaginative politicians from Konakom. So those from the Convergence may not have a chance.

I can almost guarantee you on the other hand, that given the recent scandals and the lack of organizational and administrative skills that Lavalas has been displaying lately, able and thoughtful opponents can win quite a few deputies and senators positions this time around. At best, what Lavalas may hope for is a low turn out, because the electorate is quite disillusioned.

Stop fooling yourself, Kevin. Lavalas right now is in a complete state of disarray, I am sorry to say.