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a521: BBC: The National Association of Haitian Media, ANMH, continuesto express its concerns about attacks and threats against journalists inHaiti. (fwd)

From: Robert Benodin <r.benodin@worldnet.att.net>

Haiti: Highlights of Signal FM Radio news 1230 gmt 28 Jan 02
BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Jan 29, 2002

2. A delegation from the Caribbean Common Market, Caricom, will arrive in
Haiti today to assess the situation and pave the way for the resumption of
the negotiations. Signal FM apologizes for the poor quality of the recording
for this particular item. (2 min.)
3. Lavalas Family, FL, interim leader Yvon Neptune announces that President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide is in the process of holding consultations on the
nomination of a new prime minister. (2 min)
4. Residents of the La Saline area looted rice warehouses of the National
Port Authority, APN, over the weekend. (1 min)
6. The Chamber of Deputies has formed a committee to investigate the
involvement of Deputy Jocelyn Saint-Louis in the murder of Saint-Raphael
Mayor Fernand Severe. (1 min.)
7. Public Prosecutor Josue Pierre-Louis, commenting on the possible lifting
of Deputy Saint-Louis's parliamentary immunity, says the case has not yet
been referred to his office. However, he says that this case is a matter of
somebody getting caught in the act. (1 min.)
8. Examining Judge Claudy Gassant, whose mandate to investigate the
Dominique murder has not been renewed, has been living in the United States
for several weeks. Gassant does not say how long he plans to stay abroad. He
explains that, contrary to rumours, he has not sought political asylum in
the United States, but does not rule out this possibility. (1 min.)
10. The National Association of Haitian Media, ANMH, continues to express
its concerns about attacks and threats against journalists in Haiti. ANMH
criticizes the latest press communique issued by the press service of the
National Palace that denied the recent attack on Signal FM reporters. ANMH
asks for proper sanctions against the National Palace security guard who
attacked Signal FM reporters. ANMH also asks for a rectification from the
National Palace about the press communique regarding the attack on Signal FM
reporters. (3 min.)
11. Commenting on the recent attacks and threats against journalists by
groups close to the government, Guyler C. Delva, secretary general of the
Association of Haitian Journalists, AJH, says: "The government has decided
to back up the threats against journalists in Haiti. We say this is
unacceptable." Delva deplores the fact that the government denied media's
reports on the attack on Signal FM reporters and points out that the
government must make up for it. (1 min)
13. Economic segment by Georges Henry, Jr on the rice scandal in which
senators of the republic are involved. By denouncing this dishonest action,
"Le Nouvelliste has unmasked high-ranking government officials who are
making contradictory statements." Henry says that, according to the market
rules, any economic operator can intervene on the market provided that he or
she respects the rules of the game. He explains that the government's
cooperative rice price leaving customs is much lower than the price paid by
other importers and describes this situation as a blatant case of
corruption. He goes on to say that the money misused through this rice
scandal could be used to pay state employees, in particular public school
teachers. (4 min.)
15. PSI-Haiti, a Haitian NGO, supports a health project that was inaugurated
in Haiti over the weekend. (4 min.)
16. Mildred Trouillot Aristide visited the Haitian Red Cross on 25 January
and took the opportunity to donate blood. She urged others to follow her
example: "I believe that it is important for all those who are healthy and
who are able, to do this deed too." [Former Health Minister] Michaelle
Amedee Gedeon, current director of the Haitian Red Cross, CRH, thanked the
first lady and described her visit and blood donation as an historic event
in the sense that she is the first Haitian first lady who has done that.
Gedeon encouraged "everyone, all Haitian citizens to come to the CRH and
donate blood." (4 min.)
18. Technicians and union members have asked Haitian rulers to have local
firms make license plates instead of ordering them from abroad for vehicles
circulating in Haiti. The government has called for bids on manufacturing
new plates. Technicians and union members think it is better that the plates
be made in Haiti and say it would bring advantages to the country. (3 min.)
19. [58] Report by Saint-Marc correspondent Nazaire Dupiton: A member of the
communal council of La Chapelle has stolen an hydraulic pump. The People's
Movement To Save La Chapelle alleges a member of the municipal council [name
omitted] has stolen an hydraulic pump that was intended to water the second
communal section of La Chapelle. Members of the organization accuse the
three council members of misappropriation of funds and therefore ask
President Aristide to appoint a new municipal council to lead the commune of
La Chapelle. The doors of the city hall of La Chapelle have remained closed
for several days. (2 min.)
Source: Signal FM Radio, Port-au-Prince, in Creole 1230 gmt 28 Jan 02
/BBC Monitoring/  BBC.